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Metal Building Insulation

Metal buildings can be difficult to insulate but we have invented a breakthrough techique. This unique system from C & F Insulation is protected under the following US Patents: No. 4712347 - Dec. 15, 1987 No. 5287674 - Feb. 22, 1994

Insulation is one of the main weaknesses of metal buildings.

Most are severely under-insulated, costing their owners hundreds and thousands of dollars in unnecessary heating and cooling costs.

The Blow-In-Blanket® System for Metal Buildings is installed between the purlins and beams. Climate Pro® is then blown into the system following the BIBS® specifications. Facing/Vapor Barrier is installed after the insulation. Poor insulation also contributes to the corrosion of metal buildings when warm humid air reaches cold outside air and condensation forms on the outer skin.

Stop Condensation Damage

BIBS® completely fills voids where condensation can form, eliminating condensation from air migration. Heating and Cooling costs are greatly reduced due to the higher R-values and complete filling of voids (including the flutes in the corrugated skin) achieved by the Blow-In-Blanket® System.

The greater thermal performance and elimination of airflow keeps the warm inside air from ever reaching the cold outside air and greatly reduces the amount of condensation and consequential damage.

Solves Problems, Saves Money

Insulation is also a major undertaking in the construction process, requiring many man-hours and sometimes causing delays due to weather or material availability. BIBS® for Metal Buildings helps to eliminate these problems. The Blow-In-Blanket® System is installed after the building is roofed, allowing the building to be erected and enclosed without waiting for the insulation, and without exposing the insulation to possible weather damage from wind and rain. Eliminating these delays can save the erector many man-hours and further possible delays.

This unique system from C and F Insulation is protected under the following US Patents:

  • No. 4712347 - Dec. 15, 1987

  • No. 5287674 - Feb. 22, 1994

The Blow-In-Blanket® System is a patented process and may only be installed by a licensed BIBS® contractor such as  C & F Insulation. Call us with your questions!

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