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Port Ludlow Fire Station



The challenge in this job, besides the extreme height of the ceiling, was fitting insulation tightly around all the many fittings and pipes in the ceiling. This was accomplished with WMP VR facing paper, which has a 1 hour fire rating, applied over BIBs insulation.

The WMP VR paper provides an exceptionally high impact and tear strength, which is resistant to rips and punctures. It also serves as a vapor barrier and is a clean and handsome protective cover over the blown-in insulation.



T-Foil holders are vapor barring, UL tested, FS 25 Class I insulation holder assembly systems. This patented product is perfect for ceilings that have insufficient cavity for insulating, difficult to insulate spots, and for flat ceilings. Questions? Please contact us!


T-Foil also provides a cost-effective alternative to using stick pins and glue to insulate roofs that are corrugated, sloped, flat wood or concrete, as well as for steel and wood trusses.

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